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Introducing The Beer Puppeteer

The Beer Puppeteer is a classic Dutch drinking game that can often be seen being played at a variety of events that are considered as one of the most entertaining. You may make use of the strings from a puppet so that you don't lose as much beer as possible when you raise a cup of beer up to your lips without spilling any of it.

The design for the Beer Puppeteer is clean and structured, which means that it is ready to unfold and be used. As a result of the hinge's one-of-a-kind capability to fold and lock at an angle of ninety degrees, keeping the hinge in its compact shape is a piece of cake. As long as you have a single cup on hand to drink out of it.

Uses for this product that are especially advantageous include birthday parties, activities hosted by fraternities and sororities, festivals, and outdoor gatherings. You can take your game of beer pong, flip cup, or any of your other favorite drinking games to the next level by adding this Beer Puppeteer to your collection.

This is a terrific way to take your drinking game experience to the next level. If you have two Beer Puppeteers, you will obtain double the amount of delight out of the experience that you would have if you just had one. Captivate others and increase your party popularity to the next level?

Be the first person at the gathering to bring up the brand-new Party Favorite that you've discovered. It's time to be the weekend warrior.

beer puppeteer wooden dowels with a diameter of three-quarters of an inch


The wooden dowels with a diameter of three quarters of an inch provide a comfortable grasp even while you're in the middle of some debaucherous puppetry.

beer puppeteer Straps are waterproof, detachable and Adjustable to all sizes.

Adjustable Straps

Not only can the Beer puppeteer straps be adjusted to accommodate persons of varying sizes, but they can also withstand the effects of Beer. What a magnificent combination!!

beer puppeteer red solo cup holders

Red Solo Cup Holders

Get a red solo cup and your preferred brew. The 2 1/2-inch cutouts on the Beer puppet drink platform nicely accommodate this item. Cheers!