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Easy Setup|Adjustable Straps|Folding Hinge.

Elevate tailgates, outdoor events, and BBQs with the Beer Puppeteer! Maneuver your cup with puppet handles for spill-free sips. Ideal for tailgating, with speed challenges and competitive fun. Easy setup with adjustable harness points and vibrant colors.

Comfortable and Functional

Experience comfort and convenience with our Beer Puppeteer's padded straps, designed for all sizes. The central chest strap ensures stability, while waterproof material enhances durability. Each Beer Puppeteer is equipped with adjustable straps that attach to the back plate using four D-ring fasteners.

beer puppeteer

Beer Puppeteer Original

Regular price   $150.00 Sale price   $140.00 Save 6%

Unleash the fun with "Beer Puppeteer," your go-to for unforgettable gatherings! Perfect for any event, from birthdays to Oktoberfest, this deceptively simple challenge will have you maneuvering a cup to your mouth with puppet strings, testing your skill without spilling a drop. Available in multiple colors to match any theme, this backpack puppet system transforms you into a puppet master of your beverage. Ideal for solo fun or competing with friends, it's a fantastic icebreaker that guarantees laughs and engagement. Whether it's a beach day, tailgate, family reunion, or festival, Beer Puppeteer elevates the vibe, making new friends and memorable moments. Ready to play straight out of the box, grab your Beer Puppeteer and master the art of spill-free fun today!

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